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North Carolina State University Counseling Center Referral Service

The NC State University Counseling Center offers the following information about mental health referral resources in the community. Here, you can find information about various off-campus providers, including both therapists and psychiatrists. Please utilize this database to find off-campus services if you want longer-term treatment, specialized services, prefer an off-campus provider, or if you are not eligible to receive Counseling Center services. The database was designed to help match your mental health needs and preferences with viable community providers.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a NC State student and you are at risk (e.g., considering suicide, harm to others, are at risk of physical harm/assault, etc.), you are urged to come to the Counseling Center during business hours or call the Center (919-515-2423) and ask to speak to an on-call counselor after business hours. If there is an emergency where your life or someone else's is in immediate danger, please call the NC State University Police Department at 911 or (919)-515-3000.


Both NC State students and non-students can utilize any of the following crisis resources:

Additional local resources can be found here:

The above resources are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the NC State Counseling Center.


Providers included in this database have chosen to serve students seeking off-campus care by voluntarily including their information in our database. Please be aware that the providers are not affiliated with the University. Neither NC State nor the Counseling Center guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided, and do not endorse any particular provider listed. You are strongly encouraged to verify with the providers information, including fees, insurance, etc. The NC State University Counseling Center does not supervise any of the individuals or agencies included in this database, and bears no responsibility for services provided by these resources.

If you have any feedback about a provider in our database, please feel free to contact the Counseling Center at 919-515-2423 and ask to speak to one of our Case Managers about your treatment experience.

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